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Category: Education

Sep 10
Survive today and
thrive tomorrow.

It’s possible to survive a crisis and lay a strong foundation for future growth at the…

Apr 09
AP Stylebook – Race-Related Coverage

Reporting and writing about issues involving race calls for thoughtful consideration,…

Nov 07
Students Can Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Public Relations

College students across the country took part in protests this summer against racial…

Sep 10
Diversity, Inclusion, And Pr Education: The Role Of Leaders In Bringing About Change

In 2020, the intersection of COVID-19 and the racial unrest following the killing of…

Aug 17
Students’ Perceptions of Diversity Issues in Public Relations Practice

The need for organizations to cater to diverse publics becomes more evident as the…

Apr 13
PR Agencies Need to Be More Diverse and Inclusive. Here’s How to Start SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

PR practitioners need to be keenly attuned to what their brands’ strategies are and…

Feb 28
It’s Time to Address the Lack of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Public Relations

Our industry is not reflecting the country’s changing demographics. According to the…

Oct 13
Putting PR on the Table for Minority Students

PR is a great career field. Many of us enjoy the variety of responsibilities, writing,…

Oct 13
Why Are Hispanics and Other Minorities Missing from Public Relations?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 10.5% of people employed in public…

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