Created in Color is a Benefit LLC with the specific public benefit of promoting economic opportunity for multicultural professionals in the creative industries and advancing greater inclusion and diversity.

Created in Color showcases creative businesses that live and breathe diversity while also creating a community space for our creators to collaborate, educate and innovate.

Creativity is sparked when creators from diverse backgrounds with a mosaic of perspective come together.

Created in Color Was Created By Creatives in Color

for Creatives in Color.

Founder, Created in color

I am a Creator in Color. I am a life-long woman in tech and a creative professional. 

I am a Global Citizen – I am the daughter of parents from the Caribbean and India. My husband is German. Our kids are American, Barbadian and German. We live in one of the most culturally diverse cities in America and I work with some of the most inclusive and culturally diverse agencies on the East Coast.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with amazing creators from all over the world – each bringing their unique perspectives to the table. When I found my footing in this industry, I was struck by how much more we could accomplish if diversity was the norm and not the exception.

My story is not unique. Our differences are an asset, not a liability.

A Call For Change

An Industry That Lacks Diversity & Inclusion Cannot Properly Represent A Changing Population.

Community Partners

FOUNDING Partners of change
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